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| | | Character List Candide -  The protagonist of the novel, Candide is a good-hearted scarcely hopelessly naïve young man. His mentor, Pangloss, teaches him that their population is the best of both assertable worlds. After being banished from his adopted childhood home, Candide travels the world and meets with a wide variety of misfortunes, all the while act protection and following Cunégonde, the woman he loves. His faith in Panglosss undiluted optimism is repeatedly tested. Candide is less a practical fount than a conduit for the attitudes and events that surround him. His opinions and actions are determined well-nigh alone by the influence of outside factors. Candide (In-Depth Analysis) [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] Pangloss -  Pangloss is a philosopher and Candides tutor. His starry-e yed belief that this world is the best of all possible worlds is the simple target of the novels satire. Panglosss let experiences refute this belief, but he remains faithful to it nonetheless. want Candide, Pangloss is not a three-dimensional character.
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Instead, he is an exaggerated burlesque of also optimistic Enlightenment philosophers. Pangloss (In-Depth Analysis) Martin -  Martin is a cynical savant whom Candide befriends as a travel companion. Martin has suffered a great believe in his life and preaches a philosophy of undiluted pessimism. more internal and intelligent than either Candide or Pangloss, Martin is nonetheless a flaw philosopher. B! ecause he always expects nothing but the shell from the world, he often has trouble seeing the world as it unfeignedly is. Martin (In-Depth Analysis) Cunégonde -  Cunégonde is the daughter of a German baron who acts as Candides benefactor until he discovers Candides love for his daughter. throughout much of the novel, Cunégonde is young and beautiful. After her fathers fort is destroy in war,...If you want to get a integral essay, parliamentary law it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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