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Is it valid to make distinctions a middlest ` broad(prenominal) and low or ` common ? What purposesdo these categories serveAt one time most people would entertain tacit , when looking at apiece of , whetherto pass it into the year of high or low . You looked at much(prenominal)(prenominal) things as the property ofthe brushwork , the exactness of the representation . Then paint in tubes was inventedthe mid 19th century and the Impressionists were in the vanguard of nearly import They were rejected at first of lineage , only at present seem to be highly acceptable when oneconsiders the prices that capacity be paid for full treatment by Renoir or degas - stock-still blurrythe outlinesIs abstract high ? It is a newer form of course and more are still making up theirminds to the highest degree such ists as Jacks on Pollack . And where do you fit the works of modernists such as Tracy Emin . Few would consider graffito as , but citiessuch as Philadelphia are legitimising the work of graffito ists by spending publicmoney to promote it . Emin s unmade bed won the turner prize . Whatever else it did itcertainly did what the ist intend - it shocked . coetaneous such asthis draws huge crowdsPerhaps the distinction should rather be between bang-up and gloomy , good universe thatclearly displays whatever it was the ist intended and the bad that which does not .
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Thisdivision would not depend upon techniques used or the redress value o f a piece , butwhether it achieves what it w! as meant to achieve i .e . whether or no the viewer sees whatthey were intended to seeArt will invariably awaken reaction . To judge it on grounds of being all high or lowsmacks somewhat of elitism - an attitude of `What we comparable is better than what you likeMeanwhile numerous would just say `I know what I like whether that be Gainsborough orAndy WarholElectronic SourcesArt and the power to shock , Northern let disengage , 25th February 2004 hypertext transfer protocol /archive .thisisthenortheast .co .uk /2004 /2 /25 /60621 .html retrieved twenty-eighth October 2007Philadelphia Mural Arts Program found at http /www .murals .org /about retrieved 28th October 2007...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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